Process of film production

Strong foundation is the key to a successful film shoot and this is possible with a lot of processes involved but when it is our line production team all set for the shoots we put every path right. However, no matter how easy it seems the journey of filmmaking is really tough and has many challenges as many things need to be considered.

So, how can you set the tone for your shoot amid all the juggling? That’s where we come in – we are line Production Company based in India with Mumbai office and Dubai and Abu Dhabi offices for UAE, we are also serving Mauritius. This post breaks down each of those steps that we follow for the process of filmmaking and help you better visualize your own pre-production process as well – we are MEMP – Middle East Media production (line production company)

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have a hard grounding on what needs to be done, and when. Furthermore, we’ll take you through our own pre-production checklist as well. So get ready to hit “send” on that call sheet in no time!

The 3 filmmaking stages of film production

The filmmaking process takes place in three different phases: pre-production, production and post-production. While we’re on the subject, getting everything right in pre-production can open up your budget for the fun stuff too. Before diving into production one must ask “what is pre-production and post-production?” let’s see –

1. The pre-production process

The pre-production process starts after there’s a script. It’s when you set up your company to actually produce the film. We’ll go into more detail on this soon. Pre-Production Checklist and Workflow is like:


• Script (Lock it)

• Budget (Make it)

• Business (Set it up)

• Crew Up Phase 1 (Key hires)

• Breakdowns (from a script to lists)

• StoryBoard (from words to images)

• Locations

• Casting

• Art Department begins

• Dotting i’s and crossing t’s (Buy insurance, secure permits, talk legal, get contracts)

• Shooting Schedule

• Crew 2 The Search for more Crew

• Shot list (finalize the game plan)

• Tech Scout (a reconnaissance mission)

• Equipment and Gear

If you can accomplish these 15 tasks in roughly this order you’ll ramp up to production very smoothly and our professional team is always on the rolls to help you.

2. The production process

Production starts after you’ve hired everyone and secured everything. So that means the locations, equipment, and any other materials you’ll need to physically produce your film. The hands-on check on the production process is always crucial and this is when our team follow all the steps in place. With us, you will have no worries and the entire process of production will be a hassle-free experience.

3. The post-production process

You start post-production after you’ve called “wrap.” So that means all of your footage is “in the can” and ready to be assembled. This process of filmmaking is also taken care by MEMP in right manner. Here with this stage in the filmmaking process knocked out, the director, editor and assistant editors huddle into an edit bay. There, they all keep things together until it’s complete.

With all the above needs and requirements Middle East Media Production is your one-stop solution. We serve India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Mauritius (Me Media Production).

So simple so clean.