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When someone mentions a film unit, there are many things that come in mind. One of the most important is location shooting—depending on their script, screenplay, director’s vision the locations are decided but just to quote an example of – Robert Shaw duelling the shark off Martha’s Vineyard or John Wayne and the U.S. cavalry those were charging through Death Valley! Apparently, the majority of films are created in a series of some of the predictable phases, of which shooting is done at the best of locations.

In each phase of a film’s production, we at Middle East Media Production help you to collaborate with people to get over the processes in the right manner. The team with MEMP as a line production company in Dubai form a miniature work organization which has characteristics of motivation, leadership, and structure. Each phase is a provisional system, limited in duration and membership, in which people come organized, cooperate, create something, and then scatter. And after each phase, the director has to stimulate and manage different kinds of creative work under intense budget and time pressures. Here, the director’s principal job is managing the creative process.

In this article, we use the word “creativity” to mean procedural as well as artistic creativity, understanding that this will overlay what others define as innovation. As we spoke about location scouting above it is a crucial part of filmmaking where the notion of creativity is at utmost importance. Many line producing companies, such as film units or project teams, exist to develop an idea, a plan, a product, or a service, or to make something happen such as a trip to the moon or a bicentennial celebration and all this comes to the screen with the help of location experts when they execute rigorous recce. When groups or teams have completed their task, they dissolve and then each involves different people, tasks, and locations. Only the director, producer, and scriptwriter stay with the process from start to finish which is taken care by line Production Company to channelize. Always remember before you start anything there is a deal to be made like a package of a writer (and script), a director, and “bankable” star, all of whom are committed, and whose commitment forms the basis of the deal – again this is the job the film production company. Putting the package together is like developing a proposal; getting the package financed is akin to getting the contract. Once this has happened, the film unit comes into existence.

The understanding of the local culture & landscape is a very important part for a location expert, with MEMP you will get all at your doorstep and you will be satisfied with our reliable services and get a stress-free film production experience.

We look forward to producing with you!

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