Line Production Company in Mauritius

Mauritius offers an ecosystem which is advantageous to the film industry including the availability of production studios, catering, props, sets, equipment rental companies and the casting agencies. The island brags a large number of skilled persons of different ethnicities who can be hired and trained as well as production crew, light boys, best boys, technicians, actors and extras. Moreover, we do offer Logistics and equipment rental at best prices and budgets that you will be surprised with. Middle East Media Production is a line production company in Dubai who has its wings spread across Abu Dhabi, Mauritius and India. We offer all the post-production and pre-production services for a film shoot in Dubai and Mauritius. We take care of all the film pre-production process and make sure everything falls in place in respect of location, casting, crew, make-up, costumes, logistics, budget, lights, grips and equipment rental.

Mauritius as a location
Mauritius is a beautiful location for filming and commercial shoots. It offers much more than just an idyllic location but, it’s clear and pristine sandy beaches and breath-taking volcanic landscapes attract the filmmakers from all over the world. Mauritius is a multi-ethnic and multilingual society with cultural connections with Africa, Asia and Europe. The best part for film production companies and line producers in Mauritius is that this country is backed by a dynamic legal framework, a sophisticated banking sector that has good corporate governance. The island delivers an ideal platform for investment shaping and capital raising for the film industry.

Services of a line producing company
Our line production company is Dubai too is a full-fledged line production company that has a team of professionals who are perfectly trained and give their full service to the production company focusing on film, television, still photography shoots and commercials in Dubai and Mauritius. We have our sister concerns in India and Abu Dhabi and we are serving Mauritius too. Our services everywhere include a full spectrum of post-production and pre-production services that are loved and appreciated by the production companies, cinematographers and filmmakers from across the world. In Mauritius, we have skilled and trained professionals who bring to the table their proficiency and offer wide-reaching clients with the leeway of shooting in the best conditions and locations in Mauritius. We choose the best of the locations for recce and our crews and services are the finest making us the best film production company in Mauritius.

The understanding of the local culture & landscape, help us and our clients to be satisfied with our reliable services and get a stress-free film production experience.

We look forward to producing with you!

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