Filming in Mauritius – a booming industry

Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean which is about 1,000 kilometres that is 700 miles east of Madagascar. This pretty country forms part of the Mascarene Islands which are the neighbours’ islands of Reunion, Saint Brandon, and Rodrigues. Mauritius has strong cultural connections as well that goes till Europe and elsewhere. The Dutch settle on the island in 1598 until 1710, later Mauritius has become a French colony in 1715. The area spread across the shorelines is beautiful and wonderful for shooting. The modern capital city Port Louis is stunningly divine and has many natural and man-made locations for film shoots.
Middle East Media Production – Mauritius
We as a line production company in Mauritius – MeMediaProduction has started our line production company to tap the market and the potential of local people toward this exciting world of cinema. We are into line production for a long time in India, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and now with Mauritius, we are putting our thresholds in the beautiful country. We have our location experts who know which location will be the best for film and commercials shoot. Our line production company in Mauritius and our pre-production and post-production services are one of its kinds which are loved by the directors and the DOPs (Cinematographers). Thus, needless to say, that our pre-production planning, a post-production company in Dubai, crew and resource management and large equipment rental makes us one of the most successful film production company in Dubai, Mauritius and India.
The cinema industry in Mauritius has been known for a major boost since the introduction of the Film Rebate Scheme (FRS) back in 2012. This has made easy for the film production companies to settle and work on good budgets. It gives the line production company the rebate of 30 to 40 per cent, which was initially just 25 per cent. This rebate was originally meant for films, but later it got extended to TV serials and commercials as well. Due to this reason, Mauritius continues to attract major international filmmakers from all around the world for the shooting of films, commercials and documentaries.
Many filmmakers say that they see a huge potential to shoot in Mauritius like Sunil Babbar – renowned filmmaker, he said I realised that this small country in the middle of the Indian Ocean has got the huge potential for cinema. Today we have many countries that want to attract film producers to their shores and they also offer exciting facilities and incentives. But when I choose among Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal and Mauritius, I get to stick with Mauritius for a number of reasons. I am completely convinced that Mauritius is the most suitable for my film projects. The country is superb and the cinema industry will thrive here.
All that we want to say is come to Mauritius and live the dream of filmmaking with the best film production and live production company in Mauritius.

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