3 basic things to remember

3 basic things to remember when you are on location scouting
Location scouting is all about new places, new locations, the background, the sets, the feel and etc. The filmmakers make sure that they get the perfect setting with perfect lighting for their shoots. Whatever you may be filming a line producer company will make sure you get what you want for your films and commercials. This blog will shed some light on the basic 3 things to remember when you are on your location scouting.
Natural Light
Keep an eye where the sun goes, keep an eye when it gets low, or determine where the sun is at every hour of the day – it is a tough job but is very important. For example – What time of the year is it? How long are your days? What is the time for the sun to set or for the sun to rise, what’s the sun arc? What is the time will it be behind that building where we want to shoot? All these are very crucial elements to consider, while you are doing location scouting.
Practical Light
This plays an important role – like the practical lighting refers to what exists within your reaches, such as a desk lamp or overhead lights. Practical lights can really add a lot to your entire shoot giving it a right kind of story. Additionally, they save you money too when your budgets are tight. A lot of DOPs and directors prefer lighting the subject organically from a practical light that’s in-shot versus rivalling the look they want with a studio light off-camera.
When on location scouting it is not easy to control the sound if you stand by a location. There will be sound disruptions that will be going to disrupt you a lot, managing them is an art of the location expert. At times it is very easy to look at location photos and forget that there might be a construction site or a dog park right next door or maybe something else that might distract. Thus, here make sure you scout for sound and prepare accordingly. Sometimes it is also important to scout at specific times of the day to observe traffic noise or planes etc. In case you’re shooting exteriors in the morning because you’re getting the right light make sure you are also getting no noise distraction.

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